Land and Water Forms


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Locally handmade Felt Land and Water Forms toy perfect for exploring the world in the comfort of your home. Includes different water and land forms. A fun and safe way to inspire learning in your child.

  • The surface of the earth is covered by land and water part. The land part is also known as a landform. Landforms are natural formations of rock and soil that cover the earth. Earth's surface is mostly covered with water and that is why Earth is called the  "water planet".
  • Includes one felt base and water cycle pieces and labels.
  • Suitable for 5 years old and above.

    Felt Base - 8 inches X 11 inches

    Care Instructions:
    - Handwash with lukewarm water with a small amount of shampoo. - Air dry if moist of wet. - Store in a dry place.

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