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Manuela Inabel Corset


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The MANUELA corset top is purely made of inabel, an indigenous textile from the Northern Philippines which means handwoven or hand-loomed. We directly and personally source our inabel from a community of longstanding Ilocano loom weavers in the Northern Philippines.


The MANUELA corset top makes use of the iconic indigenous weave from the Ilocos region called Binakol, characterized by a geometric pattern of squares and rectangles. The effect gives an optical illusion of movement as if a circle is radiating or expanding outward. Binakol’s distinct pattern is meant to represent the wind (alipugpog) and the waves (kurikos/kusikos), believed by elders to drive away malevolent spirits.


The MANUELA is fully adjustable with its long thin strap that is also made of rolled inabel of the same pattern. It can fit XS-L; and is double-lined, with a front pocket for optional padding so you can wear the MANUELA bra-free.


Material: Pure Binakol indigenous weave

Fit: Fitted | Fully Adjustable | Cropped length

Size Bust Length
Free Size (XS-L) 30-36" 7.5"

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