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Natural Antibacterial Coating


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Bio-Armor Repel

  • Forms a durable,  antimicrobial coating on virtually any hard surface, that can withstand wiping, friction, washing, and even other disinfectants. 
  • Biodegradable because the coating degrades to its basic elements into the environment
  • Does not discolor surfaces - it dries invisible

Bio-Armore PhotoActive Protect

  • Offers 2 levels of protection. The first is the durable antimicrobial protection like Bio-Armor Repel. The second is a “air-purifying” effect activated by light hitting titanium dioxide in our formula, whether from a light bulb or from the sun. 
  • This product is best used for items that are washed often like clothing, underwear, socks, etc. 
  • Does not discolor surfaces - it dries invisible

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