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Add to Nature

RAFI One To Tree partners with responsible brands In promoting its advocacy to revive biodiversity in the Philippines and reducing people’s overall environmental impact through “Add To Nature”.

Our goal is to plant 200 Ilang-Ilang trees! 

A mature tree can absorb up to 22kg of carbon every year, making it more important for everyone to take part in growing more trees. This collaboration with Frankie and Friends aims to do just that by giving people an option to Add to Nature by planting a native tree with every check-out.


Why Native Trees?

Native trees provide better flora to the area around them, support endangered and other wildlife species, and offer stronger hold on the ground which impedes erosion.

 One To Tree’s tree-growing projects not only support its main advocacy of native tree growing, but they support the livelihoods of the farmers and the communities they work with.


Who are we?

RAFI One to Tree was born out of the goal to slow down the effects of harmful practices and revive biodiversity in the Philippines. The organization houses a dedicated team of native tree growing advocates who support our goals in growing native trees for a more sustainable future. The organization thus far has planted 8.3 million upland native trees and 1.3 million mangroves.



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