Pawikan Plushie Large


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Women from Apo Island handmade our pawikan plush toy to showcase their iconic marine turtles. This also give them an opportunity to show their creativity and interpretation of the beautiful marine resources.

Our pawikan plush toy is handmade out of upcycled denim jeans and clothes from ukay-ukay (second-hand shop) and donations. No design is repeated twice. We work with available jeans collected from thrift store and donations.

Approximately 14.5 inches long x 7 inches wide. We use two kinds of stuffing: a mixture of shredded jeans and polyester fibre; second is recycled shredded plastic. 

Note: Weight and size may vary on the stuffing used. 


 Tagpi-Tagpi (a Filipino word for patching things together) is a circular economy initiative with a mission to economically empower socially marginalized women who face barriers to work in rural coastal areas in the Philippines. Our initiative work through crafts, entrepreneurship and local leadership.


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