Pinoy Almusal




Locally handmade Pinoy Almusal toy perfect for introducing the different Pinoy breakfasts to your child. Includes the different food included in a complete Pinoy Almusal. A fun and safe way to inspire learning in your child.
  • Appreciate Filipino culture by knowing the basic breakfast set that Filipinos love.
  • These handmade materials are excellent for food classification skills.

Includes daing, egg, 2 pcs longganisa, slice of tomato, slice of cucumber, and rice. Suitable for 18 months old and above.

Doing - 15cmx8cm; Egg - 10cmx8cm; Longganisa - 9cmx2cm; Cucumber - 5cmX4cm; Tomato - 5cmx4cm; Rice - 7cmX8cmX4cm

Care Instructions: - Hand wash with lukewarm water with a small amount of shampoo. - Air dry if moist or wet. - Store in a dry place.

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