Plantable Toothbrush




·         First Plantable Toothbrush in the world that can be GROWN into a tree or vegetables after use.

·         Each toothbrush has indigenous or native tree seed embedded in the bamboo handle.

·         Engraved with endangered species like Turtle, Eagle, Deer, Panda, Shark, Seabird, Seahorse and Dolphin to create more awareness on the importance of these species and to determine the owner of the toothbrush.

·         Bristles are naturally carbon infused soft bristles and biodegradable that receive an eco-efficiency label. 

·         Natural, organic and chemical free

·         BPA FREE

·         Bamboo Handle is 100% Natural Heat Finished to minimize absorption of water.

·         Packaging is made of recycled paper, embedded also with a tree seed, and unglued to make it 100% Plastic Free that can be planted together with the bamboo handle that will serve as fertilizer.

·         First Philippine made Toothbrush

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