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Pocket Essential Oils (15ml)

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If you love floral and fruity scents, this essential oil in Bloom scent is perfect for you. It does smell like a fine woman in a field of roses, as sweet as raspberry, with an oomph personality from pink pepper.

English Pears & Freesia

If you're into fruity and floral scent, the English Pears & Freesia scented essential oil is perfect for you. It's formulated to be non-toxic to you, your fur babies, and of course, your crystals. It smells like muskmelon, pear, rose, musk, & amber at once.


Be always feeling on holiday vibes as you smell the fresh aquatic breeze and coconut fragrance that are blended and packed in this teeny bottle. The scent is mild but long-lasting, so sophisticated and endearing. Get these essential oils for your crystals, it's gentle on them because they're specially formulated and 100% non-toxic.

Oud Wood

Anything that smells good is automatically attractive. The Oud Wood is inspired by Tom Ford but. The mild scent formula and 100% non-toxic ingredients linger wherever you place it.

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