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Refillable Hand Wash STARTER KIT




This STARTER KIT has the essentials you need to begin your journey toward a sustainable home: a reusable, elegant, robust bottle and three (3) refills of your choice among our signature pure essential oil blends.

Our sachets are fully biodegradable—made of kraft paper and bioplastic from renewable sources like cornstarch and sugarcane. When you make the sustainable switch, you save at least 12 plastic bottles from being thrown away every year.

Each Starter Kit includes:

1 Foaming Hand Wash Bottle
1 Non-slip Silicone Base
3 Natural Soap Powder Refills (for 300mL / Refill)


About our scents…

Citrus Woods:
Pure essential oils of Brazilian Orange, Sandalwood and Cinnamon
- Inspired by Ayurvedic fragrance blends, Citrus Woods balances fresh orange with warm woody notes to evoke wellness and luxury.

Lavender Zest:
Pure essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass
- With calming effects from lavender, and soothing qualities from lemongrass, Lavender Zest promotes relaxation and healing.


- Coconut-based cleaning
- Made with pure essential oils
- Natural aromatherapy
- No artificial fragrances & colors

- Biodegradable packaging
- Refillable and Reusable
- No animal testing

- Naturally antibacterial
- Gentle on skin
- pH balanced


About our ingredients…

Sodium Coco Sulfate - Natural surfactant derived from coconut. Effective in cleaning dirt, yet gentle on skin.
Sodium Benzoate - Food-grade preservative
Essential Oils - Provides natural aromatherapy
Sodium Gluconate - Non-toxic buffering agent for water
Citric Acid - Natural pH buffer
Potassium Sorbate - Natural preservative
Sodium Citrate - Non-toxic pH regulator
Polypropylene Glycol - Moisturizing agent
Natural Colors (Food-grade)

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