Reusable Cotton Pads




  • Karisma.Co's Reusable & Washable Bamboo Cotton Pads Makeup Remover Eco-friendly:
    • No need to throw away cotton rounds or makeup remover wipes again because our reusable cotton pads are here!
    • These cotton rounds are made of Bamboo Hemp Fleece and Bamboo Cotton Micro Terry.
  • Product details: 
    • Super gentle & soft on the face
    • Eco-friendly
    • Absorbent
    • Removes makeup and unwanted dirt from your face.
    • 3x4 inches size 
  • Bamboo Hemp Fleece:
    • It combines both benefits of hemp and bamboo, it has a lighter color than the hemp/organic cotton fabric, plus it doesn't have the specific hemp scent. This hemp and bamboo fabric is super soft, slightly stretchy, cozy feeling, durable, trim, and highly absorbent.
  • Bamboo Cotton Micro Terry:
    • Made from cotton and bamboo fibers, the main property of terry cloth is its remarkable absorbency. These small, visible curls in the fabric give terrycloth its absorbency.

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