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Scented Anti-bacterial Sanitizer




Keep yourself and your family protected from viruses and bacteria with our Scented Anti-bacterial Sanitizers!

Made with sustainable items that are environment friendly that can be used inside or  of your homes at the same time comes in small bottles that can be brought at work or on the go.

Nature-inspired scents and fragrances for your homes. Made in small batches from the Philippines with non-toxic ingredients.

This sanitizer is perfect for customers who want to keep them and their family safe from bacteria at the same time choose between a variety of scents that they find most suitable to their tastes.

  • Scented anti-bacterial sanitizer 60ML
  • Uses 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Fights off bacteria 
  • Comes in the following fresh scents: Lavender, Olive, Ginger & Lime, Green Tea, Clean, Bamboo, Fresh, Powder and Grass 

You can also send these alcosprays as part of the Relief Bundles that you can donate to the front-liners fighting the COVID-19 virus.

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