Scenti Charms Eau de Toilette Fragrances 50ml


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A collection of eau de toilette fragrances designed to uplift your mood. With each spray, you'll experience positive emotions such as Joy, Radiance, Euphoria, Bliss and Wonder. Crafted from fine fragrances, these scents are specially created to bring good vibes into your day.

Wonder - Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla
Radiance - Bellfower, Lemon, Apple,  Musk
Joy - Violet Leaf, Gardenia, Vanilla
Euphoria - Jasmine, Red Currant, Tuberose
Bliss - Citrus, Berry, Fir

*Size: 50ml
*Spray type
*Lasts longer than EDC, around 4-7 hours depending on skin type

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