Scenti Signature Eau de Toilette Perfume




Scenti Signature Eau de Toilette PerfumeScenti Signature EDT is the ultimate fragrance for the modern, sophisticated individual. It's crafted with only the finest ingredients, creating a scent that's both timeless and contemporary.Not only does our Signature EDT line smell amazing, but it also lasts all day long, making it a great investment for your fragrance collection. Plus, it's a surefire way to show off your impeccable taste and style.*Scent/Guide:6 Vitamin Sea - Light, Floral and Fruity18 Moon Rose - Citrus Floral, Powdery33 Luxe Santal - Woody, Sandalwood, and Cedar16 Amber Glow - Woody, Spicy, and Clean*Size: 30ml*Spray type*Lasts longer than cologne, around 4-7 hours depending on skin type#perfume #edt #eaudetoilette #santal #floralfruity #sandalwood #cedar #clean

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