Sibol Organic Hair Care

Sibol Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar 75g


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  • Sibol HAIR DARKENING Shampoo Bar, Progressively Darkens and Rejuvenates Hair.
  • All-Natural Sibol Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar is made with heritage botanicals, herbs and oils that deeply nourish hair, stimulate new hair growth, and reactivate melanin production to progressively darken hair and minimize greying with regular use.
  • For hair dye users, it prolongs you hair color’s grey coverage and maintains the vibrance of your hair color, so you don’t have to color as often as you used to.
  • FDA-Approved and ethically made, it’s formulated with Philippine GUGO, Chinese He Shou Wu (POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM), HIBISCUS Flower Extract, BLACK SESAME Seed Extract and HENNA, time-tested botanicals that reactivate hair pigmentation to progressively darken, strengthen and rejuvenate hair back to health.
  • For best results in reducing grey naturally, use regularly with Sibol Nourishing Hair Oil and Sibol Silky Soft Conditioner Bar.

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