The Spiced Frosting Collection - Refillable Luxury Home Candles




These limited edition refillable luxury candles are sustainably curated with 3 kinds of natural wax to maximize your candle’s burn and your fragrance’s throw, hand poured in handmade ceramic jars by a local pottery studio owned by national artist - Lanelle Abueva Fernando, making each candle unique from one another. Candles are carefully made through an extensive process of blending and burning to ensure a long lasting fragrance for years — all throughout your candle.Home candles weigh 265g and burns for 58 hours.Made with: Soy wax Rice bran wax White beeswax Finest quality of Essential Oils and Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils Comes with: - upcyclable embroidered canvas pouch - plantable fragrance and thank you cards - you may now grow your own spinach! How to Refill:  Label each jar with your full name Send in your refill orders via our instagram @candlesbyilka Drop your jars at Frankie & Friends, Rockwell Branch or Send your jars back to our candle studio Pin: candles by ilka (Fee is shouldered by client) Refill Price: Home - P900*Delivery for refill batches are on the last Friday of each monthPlease allow us 5-10 days to fulfill bespoke orders.Bespoke orders are still subject to the availability of your chosen jar.

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