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Three-Stage Kiddie Cup


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Sippy cup, open cup, straw cup. This three-stage kiddie cup was designed to grow with your precious baby wherever you are in the transition journey. Gentle on sensitive gums of babies. Free from any trace of harmful chemicals.

  • Stage 1: Put on the lid to use as a training sippy cup. Totally leakproof, the lid works like a suction to secure liquids. Young feeders can easily find their drinking angle. No stress for parents during accidental bumps!

  • Stage 2: Transition to open-cup drinking as your little one gains more confidence and independence.

  • Stage 3: Use as a straw cup, perfect for those juices and homemade milkshakes.

Why it's good for your baby:

  • Soft, lightweight, easy to grasp with baby's tiny hands
  • Made from premium silicone that's passed Philippine FDA food safety standards (FDA Notification # TC-5000008967430)
  • No trace of BPA, phthalates & other harmful chemicals
  • Pure silicone means no harboring of odor and no room for bacteria to grow

Why parents love it:

  • All parts are washable. No ridges on the cup and shallow ridges on the lid allow easy cleaning.
  • Suitable for warm and cold liquids with 180 ml volume capacity

Age recommendation: 6 months+ (or as advised by your pediatrician)

Product dimensions:
Cup: 8.5 x 6 x 6 cm

Straw length: 11.5 cm
Comes in plastic-free packaging

Care guide:
Wash with warm soapy water. Dry completely before storing away to preserve the product. Sterilize using hot water, steam, or UV if desired. While our silicone material is highly durable, dispose at first visible signs of wear and tear.

Always supervise the child during mealtime, or when using this kiddie cup. Do not allow the child to run with the cup and/or straw.

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