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Tonic Tea - Boost


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These Tonic Tea Blends are thoughtfully crafted to align with Ayurveda principles, guiding individuals on a personalized journey toward balance.  These blends not only address the imbalances but also encourage a deliberate and ritualistic approach to well-being, turning each cup into a meaningful step within a holistic wellness journey.

Tea Blend:

Boost Tea, Immune Booster

Crafted with purpose, this special immune-boosting tea brings together the lively taste of ginger, the goodness of goji berries, and the comforting chamomile.  It's more than just a tasty drink - each cup is like a caring hug for your health.  Sip by sip, you're giving your immune system a friendly boost and treating yourself to a simple yet thoughtful moment of well-being.

Vegan-Friendly | Plant-Based | All-Natural | Caffeine-Free

**The information shared doesn't claim to heal or cure and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and individual responses to health-related practices may vary.

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