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Urban Garden Seed Starter Pack




It's your ultimate beginner seed starter pack! Complete with instructions and guide! Perfect for beginners, this starter pack is designed to help beginners get starter with planting or farming at home. We have carefully picked out the best and easiest plant combo you can grow.

Comes with FREE TRAINING VIDEOS and GUIDE + EXCLUSIVE access to our community of growers so you'll be guided from seed sowing up to your first harvest. 


Inclusive are:

  • 3pcs 3x3 Natural Coco Coir Pot
  • 1 Large seed starting soil 
  • 1 Large eco plant bag
  • Basil, Pechay and Okra Seeds
  • 3 x wooden Plant Tag
  • 3 pcs mini garden tool (shovel, rake)
  • Customer guide /training (to get you really started) 

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