Luxury & Phthalate-Free Water Soluble Fragrances 100ml




Our water soluble room fragrances are suitable for your atomizers, air purifiers, air revitalizers, electric diffusers and car purifier units. 

Put 6 to 8 drops in your home diffuser/air purifier. Add more if your space is big and if you’d like a more intense fragrance.

Available in the following variants: 

  • BLANC - means "white" in French. Inspired by luxurious white interiors, cool, fresh & crisp linens, white & gray marble tiles with modern chic furniture.  The scent opens with a blend of airy white Lily of the Valley, Neroli and Gardenia, decorated with hints of Grapefruit, Cardamom, and Bergamot on a bed of White Tea & Musk.
  • BREATHE EASY - Our addicting all-natural blend of Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree Essential Oils. A perfect healing scent for congestion or cough. Spray on beddings and linens to get relief while resting. 
  • GINGER LILY - Our best selling "Amoy Mayaman" scent. Blended with lily of the valley, leafy greens, and sweet ginger flower.
  • GREEN TEA - This classic and timeless favorite that soothes and refreshes in just a couple of sprays.   
  • FRESH BAMBOOA clean, fresh fragrance of bamboo, aloe, vetiver, and newly cut grass
  • JUNIPER & BASIL - Blended with lemon verbena, juniper, and basil; creates a light and welcoming atmosphere in your home
  • LAVENDER - A scent that brings the fields of lavender from Provence into your home, creating a tranquil haven in which to relax and calm your senses
  • SWEET PEA - A best-selling fragrance reminiscent of the intoxicating, floral- infused breezes of the Mediterranean composed of sweet pea, pear, freesia and raspberry

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