Cathy Kathy

Whitening Repairing Niacinamide Essence & Tearable Fingertips Hand Masque





-It whitens any unnecessary dark spots.

-It helps hydrate your skin & pores.

-It repairs damaged skin and skin tone.

-It has tearable fingertips.

-it comes in pairs.

Benefits of Niacinamide

-it has vitamin B3

-plumps up the skin

-lessens skin discoloration

-balances oil production

-reduces blemishes

-brightens skin

-suitable for all skin types

Benefits of Shea Butter


-protects skin

-contains A, E & F

-fades dark marks & scars

-softens skin

-has natural SPF

Product Inclusion: 1 pair/pack of Whitening Hand Masque

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