Wooden Stacking Bowls


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Beautifully handmade Wooden Stacking Bowls is a versatile toy. Teach your child about colors, stack, nest, sort, build structures and towers, use it as a cooking pot, or as a container for their other smaller toys.

Encourage open-ended play with these bright and colorful bowls.

Wooden Stacking Bowls come in two colors: Dainty Pink or Rainbow.

Material: 5 wooden nesting bowls made of beech wood and finished with eco-friendly, water-based stain

Wood is a natural material and will have variations in wood grain, knots and markings. Each of our handmade toys are unique.

What this toy develops:
1. Motor Skills, Coordination and Control
2. Problem-Solving Skills
3. Independence and Confidence
4. Language and Communication

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