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Zodiac Scented Candles - Gemini - The Good Wick Crystal Intention Candle


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SCENT: Strawberry Cheesecake & Vanilla Bourbon STONES: TIGER'S EYE, CITRINE, TURQUOISE Soy blend & essential oil-based Zodiac candles! We combine the essential oil scents with crystals and herbs that correspond to your Zodiac Sign — we then bless them using positive spells, spirituality and positive energy 🖤 ✨ Our all-natural soy blend has been hand-poured with wooden wick and organic premium quality oils. All candles will come with a lid for ease of travel and to prevent spills. The intelligent and outgoing Gemini gets a stellar crystal mix of tiger’s eye that feeds the Gemini focus and intelligence. Then citrine brings in prosperity and abundance, while turquoise feeds creativity and spiritual energy. Indulge with the sweet scent of strawberry cheesecake & vanilla bourbon to have a completely decadent experience!

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