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Handmade pieces that support local communities, uphold and sustain craftsmanship unique to our local makers. #WearSmallTownFolk #CraftToCalling

Wonder Cart


Mahogany Coffee Table


Narra with Tinalak Chair


Twin Ottoman Stool with Mangyan Fabric


Haleiwa Rattan Armchair


Evelyn Doctor's Bag


Rattan Storage Baskets


Rattan Nito Oval Bag


Sandra Square Toe Mule - Tan


Coffee Sack Backpack


Sinamay Box


Large Abaca Basket


Little Foodie Picnic Basket


Abaca Handbag


Sinta Double Strap Slides - Black


Rina Slides


Ara Tote


Runo Oval Basket


Rattan Box


Recycled Sinamay Container


Hinabol Drawstring Bags


Ceramic Trays


Handcrafted Studs


'Small Town Folk' Tote


Rattan Solihiya Basket


Ceramic Bowls


Jute Purses


Handwoven Table Centerpiece